Moc for Remote Vacuum Regulator

Sr No. Description MOC
1 Filter Plug Phrosprous Bronze
2 Filter Cap Phrosprous Bronze
3 Inlet Gasket Teflon
4 Bolt S.S
5 Inlet Assembly Phrosprous Bronze
6 Screw S.S
7 Body Plate Brass
8 Inlet Capsule 4.4 Deg. C
9 Screw S.S
10 Back Body of regulator PVC
11 “O” Ring Viton
12 Diaphragm Back Plate PVC
13 Diaphragm Teflon
14 Diaphragm Front Plate PVC
15 Vent PVC
16 Front Body of Regulator PVC

Remote wall panel mounted Vacuum regulator, Vacuum is controlled by a spring opposed diaphragm via which via the throttling action of the inlet connected valve, reduces the gas from a varying supply pressure to constantly regulated vacuum for safe transport to the point of application.

Pressure relief is provided by a spring loaded diaphragm actuated pressure relief valve The Pressure relief Valve Will be open when the inlet Pressure is excessive. The inlet Valve does not shut off and no vacuum is being Created or is over come. The pressure relief Valve is Connected to the vent.

The regulator is equipped with a gas pressure gauge to provide local indication of gas supply status.

The pressure gas inlet connection incorporates a lead seal, filter assembly and liquid trap with pad heater

Capacity 10kg/hr to 200 kg/hr
Inlet ¾” Cs union
Outlet ¾” to 2” CPVC Union.
Vent Connection ½” CPVC Union
Weight 12Kg
Make Chloro Tech